Frequently Asked Questions

Sunbelt Packaging Co. is located in Atlanta, Georgia.

No, it isn’t a requirement to be located in the Metro Atlanta area to work with Sunbelt Packaging Company. Several of our clients are located outside of Georgia and their products are delivered to them via LTL freight.

Yes, we offer our clients nutrition fact and ingredient deck generation services.

Contract packaging, also know as co-packing is where a company is contracted to manufacture a clients food products.  The process starts with the client transitioning their recipe and process to the co-packer for scaling and development. The co-packer can assist in acquiring the necessary FDA required paperwork and testing for the client.  Upon the completion of the development process the co-packer will manufacture a retail ready product on the behalf of the client.

Co-packing costs vary depending on the product. Wet products like sauces, dressings, and marinades require more testing and development than dry products like rubs and seasonings. One can expect to spend $1500-4000 in development, testing, and production to bring their first product to market.

The process to take a product from concept to retail ready varies. It is advisable to budget 4-8 weeks for all new products.

We offer dry storage for dry ingredients, packaging, and finished products.

We do not offer label design services, but we have design partners that we work closely with that we can refer all clients to for logo and label design assistance.

Authentic barcodes can be obtained through GS1. You will be responsible for an initial registration fee to obtain your companies unique identification number called a GS1 Company Prefix.

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